Sunday, October 3, 2010


remember the london era of westwood, bodymap, pam hogg, and leigh bowery? when it was all about being mental and rebellion. well thank god for meadhamm and kirchhoff for continuing the tradition of english eccentricity. its good that london has developed a reputation for not just being a breeding ground of creative talents, but to also have a commercial viability, but i found the past london fashion week to be missing a bit of punch. christopher kane doing lady-like, wtf? at least medhamm kirchhoff played on all the qualities that people regard as feminine such as chiffon and lace and interpret it in a brilliantly psycho and cartoonish way. i'm sure there were loads of japanese gosu roris creaming under their bustle skirts when they saw this collection. even though i love the resurgence of minimalism, i can totally appreciate an explosion of madness from these two designers who still has balls to do whatever the fuck they want. kudos!


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