Monday, September 27, 2010


you might've noticed that lately i've been quite obsessed with interior design. when i was jobless i spent loads of time coming up with projects to pimp out my house. now that i'm finally employed and have a paycheque, i've become even more obsessed with my house. i've even finally settled on which couch to buy. that's like the most grown-up thing i'm going to buy to date! the couch is based on fifties danish modern design with clean lines and a wooden frame. cause it's pretty obvious that my aesthetic tends to lean towards that direction. which is why i was so surprised to go mental over the eighties, california tackiness of mary katrantzou's prints. it's like watching those gaudy mansions from beverly hills walking towards you in high heels. but that's the brilliance of katarantzou. how she manipulates images with the help of digital technology to come to life in fabrics. whether inspired by vintage perfume bottles or in this case exuberant, over the top interiors of million dollar mansions, she finds a way to relate it to the female form. as much as i applaud her ingenious way of using prints, i'm kinda curious to see how she would handle clothes that doesn't rely on their graphic punch. then again who knows, next season she might base her whole prints on something bat shit crazy like battle scenes from lord of the rings and it'll be fucking amazing and i'll be eating my words. so i'll just shut up.

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