Sunday, September 26, 2010


i'll be the first to admit that i'm not the biggest rodarte fan. seriously, those webby knitwear that they've been doing for a million season in a row got tired really really fast. and i found a lot of their reference points to be sort of, pretentious. let's be honest, when the mulleavy sisters talked about mexican border towns, and ghosts, and missing women assumed to have been murder and rape victims as the main source of inspiration for their last collection, don't tell me you weren't rolling your eyes. my main problem with them is that their inspiration is so different every season, yet the collections always look the same. i'm all for a slow evolution if the integrity of the house is being solidified, but with rodarte i just found it stagnant and boringly redundant. so you can only imagine how hard i bitched slap myself across the face when i first saw this collection. there was not a cob-web knit in sight. there's still that magical element that is inherent to the brand, but all that tailoring gave it a border to contain all those ideas. and their influence, the redwood forests of northern california was actually visible in the wood panel prints on the garments. and the models looked like tripped out wood nymphs with beach babe golden tans. who knew rodarte had it in them to make models pretty and not scary looking?


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