Friday, December 24, 2010


i've been a good boy this year and if santa clause was more than a myth i'm quite sure i shall wake up on christmas morning and find one of these lovely, tufted, distinguished sofas under the christmas tree. unfortunately reindeers don't fly and none of them have glowing noses so the likely hood of that ever happening is dead.
but a boy can dream. of a house with dark stained herringbone hardwood floors with thirteen foot ceilings, a brick fireplace and victorian era crown mouldings with one of these handsome badboys facing a large set of french doors opening up into a balcony overlooking something amazing.
imagine having a cuddle with henry cavill on one of these??? oh god!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


don't call it a fat suit! madame kawakubo's "lumps and bumps" collection has been remixed, revised, and revisited by all the youngbloods and old guns in the fashion world. the woman who brought her "apocalyptic chic" to paris in the early eighties proved that she can still rattle the fussiest parissiene feathers a decade and a half later. commercially it was a bust, but big ups for being a woman with balls bigger than the poofs that run this mad mad fashion circus. sometimes its not about being pretty, but not giving a fuck and being original. and no one will argue that this collection has guts and originality in spades. thirteen years later and this shit will avant all the other "avant gardes". you're pretty ace in my book rei rei!