Friday, May 27, 2011


lolitas in spades! if a modern adaptation of nabokov's scandalous heroine were to ever grace the silver screen again, miuccia prada is the most obvious choice for the costume designer. who else but her can so brilliantly summarize the connection between youth and sex? between the ugly and the beautiful? between the past and the present? while the prada signature has always been that of a girlish naivete, underneath it all is an exploration of the things that women usually associate with femininity (this season it was the tactile suggestion of furs and python, plus the shimmering glamour of paillettes). it gives it that tension between girlishness and grown up that always gives her collection its erotic charge. it's always quite naughty but you can't exactly pin point what it is that makes it slightly perverse. regardless of all the sexual subtexts that underlines each prada collection, the end result is always beautiful.


Sunday, May 15, 2011


i'm alive. apologies for the well long hiatus but i guess you can clearly understand why i've been m.i.a. this little guy whose name is merlin has pretty much taken over my entire life.

in fashion related news, i cashed out kirsten owen at my store about a month ago. i cried a little down there. she was lovely.