Sunday, September 26, 2010


calvin klein holds a very special place in my heart. as a teenager in the nineties (i'm betraying my age here folks), i witnessed first hand how his minimalist vision defined the decade. as much as i loved galliano and mcqueen's theatricality and drama back in the day, the purity of calvin klein's work and its quiet confidence tantalized me. it's like looking at a massive rothko painting. there isn't much on the canvas, but the balance achieved within the frame and thought behind the work projects a powerful image. and i'm glad that klein's successor francisco costa is capable of producing the same grand statement without the glitter and sparkles. yes the balmain girl with the tight slutty dress might get the most attention. but like all sluts, they eventually get boring. but a calvin klein girl, even though she's wearing a white pleated, long sleeved, mid-ankle length jersey dress is like light entering a room. it weighs nothing, but it fills up the space. and that is the kinda bird guys are intimidated by. and we all know that when it comes to boys, intimidation is the most effective aphrodisiac. cause boys are dumb.


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