Tuesday, October 12, 2010


josephine baker leaves paris for south america, gets a humble job at a banana plantation and ends up in argentina where she learns to dance the tango. how does that impossible story become a prada collection? it has the energy of jazz, the colours of south america, the uniforms of blue collar workers, and the erotic charge of tango. simple innit? what's not simple is how madame miuccia made all those absurd references work cohesively with one another. it's almost like obviously you would pair a banana print skirt and a striped smock in the brightest of colours with basket weave tango shoes and bug eye goggles to shield your eyes from the sun. and if that wasn't enough just walk around with a giant sombrero obviously. if everyone was as smart as miuccia, the world would be a more intelligently put together place and we would've been spared of uggs and juicy couture.

photo: style.com

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