Sunday, July 25, 2010


i am obsessed with kitchens. it is the heart of every home after all. considering that my own is far from where i would like it to be, i have developed a habit of scouring the world wide web and saving images and taking notes so that slowly but surely, i can finally be proud of my little, humble kitchen.

true story: my own kitchen is rather small. made even smaller with the behemoth table we had and which had been the bane of my existence ever since i moved in. i figured a restaurant table, like the ones you find on patios would be the perfect size. its big enough to fit a laptop, a plate, and a glass comfortably. however, despite of my genius way of finding stuff on craigslist, i couldn't for the life of me find said table. or if i did, not having a drivers license posed to be quite a problem. a couple of weeks ago i got proper wasted. the kind of wasted where you wake up in your living room wearing the same clothes from the night before and a good three hour memory lapse. i guess the insane amount of alcohol was responsible, but when i woke up, there was a restaurant table chilling in my kitchen from the bar right around my house. i have no idea how i managed to climb the fence and drag that table all the way home, but fuck me, who would've thought i'm that mental when i'm pissed drunk. but i would rather think of it as me taking initiative. so now the kitchen project is right back on track!

p.s. the bar i took the table from closed down that weekend. so really i did them a favor. less stuff for them to haul away. yeah i know, i'm just trying to find a way to rationalize my actions.

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  1. hahaha looove it! one day when i was in college, i woke up the proud owner of a beautiful, enormous hookah... karma was a huge bitch, however, and a year later i had it stolen from me by a fascist ra...