Tuesday, July 13, 2010


i'll admit that me and ghesquière have been having a little tiff for the past couple of seasons because his collections for balenciaga have been quite, for a lack of a better word, underwhelming. compared to his past collections and my own humble opinion of course. it's still loads better than 95% of the designers out there, but i guess i'm just an old geezer longing for the days when ghesquière wasn't so obsessed about the archives he only got permission to access a few years ago and balenciaga still felt like a little secret and you would never have seen beyonce and her massive thighs in those gold robot leggings and lego sandals.
what i love about ghesquière is his ability to take an idea and stretch it to its very limit. it's very familiar to cristobal balenciaga's own rigorous discipline. everything is so exact, so thought out, that within the context of the collection, its all so very coherent. its quality work! even though drag queens such as beyonce, lady gaga, or rhianna are so quick and eager to jump on the balenciaga bandwagon, they don't do it justice. because let's face facts, it takes someone with a real understanding of fashion that goes beyond its aesthetic values that can pull off ghesquière's creations without looking naff.
well the collections are only a couple of months away and hopefully me and ghesquière can rekindle our love affair. and maybe he should also ban every american pop star from wearing his clothes. its bad enough seeing twinky poofs with lariat bags during pride.


  1. wonderful selection! i generally loved all the recent fall winter collections starting from 05 until 09. im not familiar with the previous collections, perhaps i should start investigating, the patchwork from ss02 looks divine! balenciaga now sucks though :(

  2. A/W 06 is one of my all time fave collections. Loved S/S 08 florals too, that was so good.

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  4. balenciaga sucks now; spring 11 was atrocious I can't believe it's a Balenciaga collection. the last collection I recall obsessing was fall 08 that was 2 years ago. why is fall 07 not in your list? that's my ultimate favorite collection! I know the blazer+jodhpurs+scarf combo got so repetitive but man I can't get that collection off my head the styling is so perfect.