Wednesday, July 7, 2010


the last time i went to church was probably for my sister's wedding four years ago. come to think of it, the only time i find myself in any church is for someone's wedding. mostly because its rude to skip the ceremony and then get proper wasted from the open bar at the reception later on the evening. but i am fascinated with the architecture of today's modern churches. from le corbusier's church of st. pierre to eero saarinen's mid-century modern masterpieces across the united states. because the church serves such a specific purpose tied with millenniums worth of tradition, it doesn't leave much for open translation. yet somehow, while these new houses of worship have a completely modern appearance, it leaves the same sense of awe that the first person who walked inside the sistine chapel probably felt. minus the neck ache from looking up at michaelangelo's painted pictures on the ceiling. instead of overwhelming the faithful with all the lavish ornamentations, these new buildings achieves it through the purity and harmony of light and space.

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