Tuesday, February 16, 2010


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dear marc,

i have to be honest, i used to really really love you, but for the past couple of seasons you've really let me down. yeah i know we can all get a little crazy and act out in weird ways and think that it's okay to put fur on clogs and have the girls on your shows look like cracked out bag ladies but the first time you did it i forgave you. even if the show was two hours late because i admired your passion to have the guts to rip clothes apart it put it back together again in a weird and fantastic way. but for someone with as much talent as you i would've figured that you wouldn't have gotten so complacent and hide behind the theatrics and styling of your own shows and be responsible for that horrendous vuitton collection last summer.
so with little expectation i must admit that you've resurrected in me my waning devotion to you with the collection you showed last night. it had everything that i loved about you in the first place. it brought me back to your first collection for vuitton with that long silhouette that wasn't distracted by big giant afros or that annoying monogram with the melancholic romanticism of your fall/winter 2005 collection. you remember, the one that was inspired by violet from the incredibles and tim burton films. and you did it with same freedom to challenge our perception of "prettiness" just like you did with your grunge collection for perry ellis. it had that real sense of intelligence and the richness of the fabrics from the velvets to the mongolian lambs was done in a way only you could have done. you made things that a lot of people would consider to be "dowdy" absolutely beautiful, and you gave it that extra something that has been missing in your work for the past couple of years, the charm that made you so endearing to us in the first place.
you can't understand how happy i am to actually be able see the clothes. to have your work stand on its own relying on just its skeleton and not the outrageous kabuki make-up and vertiginous platform shoes. it was just you, and it was the best of you.

yours truly,

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