Sunday, February 14, 2010


although creep is a japanese label founded in osaka by kiyofuki awai in 1997, the brand has been under the creative direction of toronto based designer hiroshi awai since 2008. i've lived in toronto for most of my life and i think i'm pretty decent with keeping up to date with local talents, but i have to admit that awai was one that has escaped me till very recently.
to be honest i found out about creep in a very dorky way, facebook. my homegirl karen who shot the lookbook posted a link of the shoot and it features one of my favorite models ronnie from the agency i interned for and since then i've been hooked.
i'm a sucker for the way japanese designers play with the idea of american workwear with something slightly eccentric in an english sort of way, and with my new obsession for the early eighties british casual scene and mid-nineties brit pop i can honestly live in this collection for all of next winter. and i wouldn't even care that canadian winters lasts a gajillion years. all i need is that blue duffel coat and i'll be ready to face those atrocious windchill factors.

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