Tuesday, August 10, 2010


there are times when i wake up and the first thing i think about is COFFEE! not because i'm hung over (although the need for coffee exponentially increases after a heavy night of debauchery), but i do enjoy the ritual of coffee and cigarettes in the morning while i peruse the paper.
i have been thinking of investing in a coffee maker for quite some time now, but after repeated attempts to find the perfect one, all i ever find are all these hi-tech monstrosities. do they really need all those glowing LED lights and six million buttons? why complicate your already complicated life with unnecessary functions on everyday household electronics? designers need to take a lesson from dieter rams and realize that simplicity in design equals efficiency. which is why some of his creations which are forty years old have stood the test of time and have even found a place in the permanent collection of MOMA. MOMA people! they have picassos and pollocks there!
the coffee maker with the black handle in the first image is up for sale on e-bay for a mere forty dollars on a buy now option. i'm going to have a coffee party when it arrives. i'll probably also spoon it for the first couple of nights and obviously be bouncing off the walls.

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