Monday, August 9, 2010


looking at the mtwtfss weekday lookbook is seriously like looking at my closet. which makes me extremely happy because it vindicates my wardrobe which i've been having a hard time dealing with as of late. since being unemployed, it meant things like fashion, which includes magazines (sad face), had to take a back seat to more important things such as rent, food, cigarettes, and booze. the last time i went shopping was in the philippines. and that was six bloody months ago! i just cant wait to get a proper job so i can go on a fashion bender and have wallet hangover. but anyways, this lookbook is making this heat even more unbearable. i want to wear something else other than a tank top and cut off denim shorts. i've never missed my jeans and doc martens so much my entire life. i'm actually looking forward to wearing something with a sleeve!

p.s. if i had a vagina, i would totally dress like the girl.

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