Sunday, June 26, 2011


bless christopher bailey's heart for bringing back that quirky, english eccentricity he once brought to this institution of british-ness. while there were still loads upon loads of delicious trenches and macs, the collection didn't turn into a procession of outerwear (unlike last season, and the season before, and the season before that). it actually felt like this collection had a specific point of view. and more importantly, a story to tell. which frankly we haven't seen since his derek jarman's garden inspired collection three years ago. the artisan details, the brilliant use of colour on those drool worthy jumpers, ethnic inspired prints, and the footwear which will be next season's equivalent to this season's prada espadrilles, there were so many elements here that harmoniously worked together into one confident idea. it served as a reminder that bailey is capable of doing so much more than fashionable raincoats. i dunno about you, but my faith has been restored!


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