Monday, February 14, 2011


i'm not going to rant about how miserable it is to be reminded of your single status on a day when everywhere you look there is some boy walking around with a bouquet of roses to give to his sweetheart which probably set him back a hundred dollars, three times the amount it cost yesterday and tomorrow.
to me it really is just like any other day. i don't particularly care for the occasion, nor does it bother me that i don't have a significant other to hustle for a dinner reservation on this night either. i had the day off and that means much more to me than a box of chocolates. and it gave me time to pimp out my flat with all the goodies from yesterday's visit to the big blue and yellow better known as ikea.
speaking of blue, there sure were loads of it in the european men's show last month didn't ya think? from the darkest, deepest navy like the double breasted, high stance, hella pimp suit stefano pilati sent down for yves saint laurent, to eye popping yves klein blue seen everywhere from acne to versace to jil sander, the hue was impossibly unavoidable!
i myself don't have any complaints because blue, more specifically navy, is my favorite colour. is it not just the most glamorous colour a boy can wear. and its totally acceptable to call a boy glamorous when he's all decked out in a navy suit cause while a well cut black suit can make any man handsome, only a man with a certain character can pull off a navy suit without looking naff. and it's that kind of man who i want giving me a hundred dollars worth of roses. preferably naked, and preferably a naked henry cavill. after he got undressed from his navy suit of course.

p.s. so apparently henry cavill is the next superman. superman's costume is blue. wicked.

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