Sunday, January 30, 2011


so am i the only one who thought the menswear shows were a total fucking dud? the only shows i really liked were junya watanabe and dries van noten. even prada was somewhat underwhelming and i ALWAYS like prada. but enough of my ranting because let's face facts, who am i to give opinions about designers whose work i can't afford. and i also have no bloody idea why i decided to make a post about coats for next winter when i can't even fucking wait for this one to be over. but i am quite certain that if i had a couple of junya watanabe's fair isle print duffle coats in my wardrobe i wouldn't be so atrociously angry with january and february. in all my years i have never had a coat that i absolutely loved. they've all been like booty calls. exciting in the beginning then get's dreadfully boring but you keep going back to it cause your body needs it. perhaps i should start saving up my pennies now so that in ten months i might actually be able to afford one of those watanabe bad boys. and if i really feel like being ambitious i can aim for that super luxurious blue bottega venetta coat. then it'll be like finding real love when every time it touches my body it will feel like the first time.

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