Tuesday, November 2, 2010


the most iconic of all iconics, there is no denying that monsieur saint laurent was the man! the master of subverted sexuality that dared to cross the lines of gender, social class and race. he was by and large, the most influential force in fashion in the latter half of the twentieth century. a heavy burden on his successor's stefano pilati's shoulders, who has had as much hits as misses as of late but vindicated himself with a stunning homage to the legacy of the house. from the rich jewel tones, the androgynous sexuality, the quiet erotic perversion of unexpected exposed skin, to an almost religious attention to cut, the left bank is still money in the bank!

photo: style.com

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  1. whenever i think of Pilati now I always think of that excruiating scene in the September Issue when Anna Wintour says "there's not much colour in this collection, is there Stefano?" followed by INTENSE SILENCE. I liked this collection, and it had colour! I'm not sure if Pilati has been doing as badly as the doomsayers have been saying..I've heard that still having Pierre Berger on the scene makes everything very difficult chez YSL.