Saturday, June 12, 2010


there are countless reasons why i love prada. one of the main reasons is how she brilliantly walks the thin line between good and bad taste. there are enough designers out there making pretty floral chiffon slip dresses and body hugging little black dresses, but not enough of them that constantly challenges our opinion on what is beautiful. ever since madame miuccia's "geek chic" collection for spring/summer 1996, being sexy wasn't just exclusive to the runways of versace and tom ford era gucci. the nerdy girl with the chunky mary janes and knee length skirt in seventies graphic print and boys in smart jackets and thick framed spectacles were suddenly fashion icons. but perhaps i'm biased. i have to admit that i have a soft spot for geeks. every time i see one i just want to run up to them and give them a cuddle.

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  1. tell me about it! i cant wait for the resort!