Wednesday, May 12, 2010


i have this massive crush on henry cavill. he's the only reason i'm still watching "the tudors" even though it's gotten really boring since anne boleyn's head was chopped off two bloody seasons ago. then again, i'm also a sucker for period dramas because i do love those costumes. which is why galliano back in the nineties was the man for me. i mean, look at this pocahontas meets tudor england collection for dior haute couture autumn/winter 1998. WOW! back then john was like a time machine and travel agent all in one. he took you to exotic places and turned back time simultaneously. now all he does is re-interpret "the new look". that look is fucking sixty three years old johnny boy! don't wait another two years till you retire it. it's done! oh how i miss the galliano of yesteryears when he didn't give a fuck and let his romantic madness run riot. i still got my fingers crossed for a comeback though.

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